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Empower Safe and Smart Life!

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Empower Safe and Smart Life

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Empower Safe and Smart Life


  • Jaguar Prime

  • Falcon

  • OmniSense

Jaguar Prime

This series of products are long-range image-grade LiDARs, which can be widely used in urban and highway scenarios, perception and management of road conditions.

Customer benefits:
  • OmniSense integrated in, analyzed data as output.

  • Wide field-of-view and high resolution to enable highly accurate detection and classification of road users.

  • Reliable vehicle detection to 280m means fewer LiDAR units are needed to cover a given area.

  • Falcon

    Empowering Aquila LiDAR as standard configuration of NIO ET7 autonomous driving system

    Customer benefits:
  • Real time adjustable ROI.

  • High angular resolution in the AD industry.

  • Flexible customization, extending field of view and detection range.

  • OmniSense

    In addition to the high-resolution 3D point cloud and advanced perception algorithm, OmniSense is also equipped with a programable development platform with a friendly interface.

    Customer benefits:
  • Pedestrian Collision Avoidance.

  • Automatic Event Capture.

  • Beyond The Horizon Warnings.

  • Blind Spot Monitoring.

  • Long Range

    Identify vehicles at 500m, and pedestrians at >200 meters

    Image Grade

    See your surroundings in 3D with the clarity of a photo


    Our sensors have been road tested to withstand the elements for years

    Partnership & Ecosystem

    About us

    Innovusion is a worldwide leader in the design and development of long-range image-grade LiDAR systems, empowering future mobility solutions.

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