See the Unseen
Sense the world with better intelligence.

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Ultra Long Range
Our LiDAR system is able to map the environment with  exceptional range and clarity. Seeing everything around the vehicle and far beyond
Up to 500m
Operating at ultra-high-range, our technology provides industry leading range up to 500 meters
Hi-res, Hi-fidelity
Precision mapping of the environment, with the ability to see small or dark objects
Region of Interest
Focus can be dynamically adjusted in real-time to a region of interest
Intelligent Perception
Advanced object detection and classification powered by an automotive-grade deep learning software system
On The Road
Powering the NIO eT7 and with other OEM programs in development, our LiDARs are proven and battle tested in automotive environments
Production Ready
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are fully operational and supporting automotive mass production today