Industrial Automation 
Driving Safe and Efficient Industrial Automation Implementation 
Proactive Bridge Collision Monitoring System
Built upon Innovusion’s image-grade long-range LiDAR, the system can monitor waterways remotely 24/7 even in harsh weather conditions, obtaining three-dimensional information of ships in the area. This provides sufficient time for ship navigation decisions and maximizes safety by minimizing potential risks, achieving ship-shore coordination.
Smart Port System
Innovusion’s high-performance image-grade LiDAR enables cargo contour scanning in the port area and stack yard, as well as autonomous driving and vehicle-road coordination within the port. This solution effectively saves labor costs, improves overall automation efficiency, and enhances safety.
Harsh Environment Proof
Innovusion’s image-grade ultra-long-range LiDAR is capable of enduring extreme low temperature (-40 °C), dust, fog, and adapting to long-term severe vibrations in mining areas. By reducing the need for human labor in critical production processes such as stripping, loading, and transportation, it enables a safe and efficient production processe.