Where technology nurtures life

Safe cities. Safer living.

Cities for Innovusion are dynamically complex spaces that above all must nurture life. We identify meaningful opportunities for achieving harmony between people and urban environments through holistic innovation, long-term partnerships, and wise investment.

Perceiving life
Building technologies and systems that perceive, understand, and protect all life is Innovusion’s vision for the future of infrastructure.
Risk Detection
Continuous exploration into new strategies and methods for enhancing identification of the myriad shapes and patterns that comprise the activity of life makes for a safer future.
Traffic flow
The future of traffic is perception. Real-time discerning of traffic patterns and autonomous transportation via high-resolution LiDAR and algorithmic insights form a natural part of a new era in urban planning.
Innovusion invests significantly in research and development devoted to widespread adoption of LiDAR technology to promote smart infrastructure and safe urban ecosystems worldwide.