Jaguar Prime Series

Detailed reliable traffic data

Jaguar Prime Series

Detailed reliable traffic data
  • Multiple Applications in Single Solution

    Jaguar Prime/Jaguar Prime Plus are long-range image-grade lidars with OmniSense integrated in and analyzed data as output. It can be widely used in urban and highway scenarios, perception and management of road conditions.

  • Reliable Combination of Field-of-view, Range and Resolution

    The Jaguar Prime series provides a wide field-of-view and high resolution, enabling accurate detection up to 280m and classification of road users which contributes to safer roads.

  • Low Comprehensive Cost and Easy Maintenance

    Long range vehicle detection to 280m means fewer LiDAR units are needed to cover a given length or road, which reduces cost and maintenance effort.

  • Robust Design

    Jaguar has passed variety of stress tests in different scenarios with stable performance over long service life (>50,000 hours), even on trunks in mining scenarios with strong shaking vibrations.

Key Performance Metrics

  • 300 lines

  • 280m

    Detection Range
  • <3cm

    Distance Precision
  • 0.09°*0.13°

    Angular Resolution
  • 100°/65°*40°

    Field of View
  • -40°C~85°C

    Operating Temperature

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