Learn from industry experts how Innovusion’s High Definition Image-Grade LiDAR is shaping the future of autonomous mobility.

Improving LiDAR – or Defeating It

The buzz at Sensors Expo 2019 pitted lidar-tech optimism against the reality of an impending shakeout.

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Innovusion: Bringing Safety and Reliability to Self-Driving Cars

On a quest to make self-driving cars safer, Innovusion has designed the world’s first image-grade LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system intended to create a high-density point-cloud for self-driving perception, decision, and control.

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Autonomous vehicle sees with LiDAR eyes

At the recent Sensors Expo, California-based, Innovusion Inc. introduced the first dual rotating polygon optical architecture LiDAR system, “Cheetah”.

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New “Cheetah” LiDAR Hopes to Improve Autonomous Vehicle Safety

​After its successful $30M Series A round of funding, Innovusion has just announced the release of Cheetah, a new image-grade high resolution lidar sensor, in a bid to deliver the safest performance in autonomous vehicle mobility.

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Innovusion Introduces High-Resolution Image-Grade LiDAR System

The dual-rotating polygon design provides safe and reliable detection, while maintaining picture-like resolution and long-distance capability.

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LiDAR System Raises Safety-Performance Bars

Innovusion’s Cheetah hybrid solid-state LiDAR system is based on a proprietary rotating polygon optical architecture. According to the company, the system has no equal in the long-distance, high-resolution LiDAR vehicle mobility system industry.

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