Innovusion LiDAR systems feature high definition image-grade resolution, superior long-range detection, scalability and ease of integration.

What is “Image-Grade” LiDAR?

Unlike other LiDAR systems, our technology creates a high density point-cloud for self-driving perception, decision and control.

High Resolution

Our high angular resolution from the 300 lines enables our LiDAR to see cars over 270 meters away, detect small objects, and even reading signage.

Long distance

The further we can see, the better. Especially when precious lives are at stake. Image-grade technology allows us to reliably detect vehicles hundreds of meters away.

Easy to Integrate

Our LiDAR systems are compact and make integration easy. Volume production capable.

Cheetah utilizes the industry’s first proprietary dual-rotating polygon design to achieve its spectacular performance and unbeatable robustness and reliability.


Compact, Flexible, and Easy for Vehicle Integration


Multiple Configurations, Single body design, Incredible Long Distance Resolution

Jaguar utilizes duel rotating polygons to achieve breathtaking detail out to 280m. With its industry leading resolution of .13 degrees coupled with fast frame rate of 10 fps and selectable FOV of 110 or 65 degrees, picture-like images are realized effortlessly and reliably.