AI Perception & monitoring

Intelligent Infrastructure

OmniSense fuses perception and algorithmic deep learning within an intelligent knowledgescape of objects, events, agency, and environments.

Object Detection
Object Classification
Continuous Calibration
Data Analysis
Flexible Data Access
LiDAR Fusion
Walks the walk
Omnisense sees the pedestrian—in crosswalk, improperly-crossing, or simply poised curbside. Layered warning systems deliver alerts to nearby vehicles, whether autonomous or driven.
Algorithmic vistas
Detection. Classification. Continuous Calibration. Data Analysis. Multi-LiDAR Fusion. Omnisense manifests the comprehensive in ecosystem monitoring.
Super-horizon performance
Innovusion ultra-long-range LiDAR means Omnisense detects events at distances of over 200 meters. This is true super-horizon performance.
Honing Perception
AI-advanced perception. Universal event early-warning. Real-time cloud monitoring. Smart permissions. Omnisense delivers fusion with external data, flexible intelligent services and visuals to manage myriad scenarios.

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